Larry finds an old bottle of Hai Karate after shave. In a Proustian revelation the aroma restores Larry’s drug addled brain to it’s once lucid state. Proust has his cookies. Larry has his High Karate. Alas, his moment of brilliance is all too brief. With Jenna Elfman and Mimi Kennedy.

Professor Jefferson Cole has invented a super gizmo that will give him the edge in the battle between good, Lois Lane, and evil, himself. But there are still a few bugs to work out before he becomes all powerful. There’s no one to trouble shoot except his unreliable assistant. And the gizmo has no extended warranty.

Larry and Abby share a sweet, romantic moment. Since the episode ran long this scene, unfortunately, never made it on air. Thanks to the producers, I managed to rescue it from the cutting room floor. With Mimi Kennedy.

He’s a teacher. He’s a zombie. He’s a teacher. He’s a zombie. He’s a teacher and a zombie. Get it. Or is it too tough for you? Okay, it’s not CHINATOWN, but it’s fun for the kids. Here’s a tip, when you’re in Zombie makeup, lunch isn’t easy.

Larry tries to wheedle romantic advise from Dharma. She’s not only a good daughter, she’s a terrific parent and wants Larry to make his own decisions. “C’mon, give me a hint!” With Jenna Elfman